Friday, February 7, 2014


"Ordinary Ltd, an East London-based studio primarily focused on creative investigations
at the intersection of architecture, design, material sciences and theory." Ordinary was founded by Magnus Larsson and Alex Kaiser. Larsson has a BA (hons) from Oxford. He started off as a journalist and later attended the Architectural Association where he proposed "Dune," a
6,000km long habitable anti-desertification wall made of biologically solidified bacterial sandstone." Kaiser too has a BA (hons) from Oxford. He began his career in design and followed a similar route, attending the Architectural Association in London.

Ordinary Dispatch #1 is a "communiqué keeping our nearest and dearest updated on the latest news from Ordinary Ltd."

Here's a PREVIEW of what it FEATURES:
Crystal City for Selfridges, Festival of Imagination
"Curated by Chris Hatherill (super/collider), the Growing the Future exhibition and series of workshops envisage a future made from truly renewable materials. With Ordinary co-founder Alex Kaiser leading the design team, our contribution is Crystal City, a glittering metropolis made from supersaturated crystal solutions, created in a four-week collaboration with visitors to Selfridges."
LOG: F2F Phase Finished
"Our F2F (file-to-factory) groundscraper – a building at the scale of a city – responds and adjusts to a series of site conditions in order to establish optimal conditions for its gridshell structure to support multi-storey living units that are “slotted” into the main framework."

Invincible Cities for the Materiomic Age
"As is our wont, our latest scientific chapter was just published in yet another book with a snappy title."
FULL Dispatch #1:
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Larsson, Magnus, and Alex Kaiser. " Ordinary Dispatch #1." Ordinary. Ordinary Studio, Feb. 2014. Web. 07 Feb. 2014.

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