Tuesday, January 28, 2014


WORKac was founded by Dan Wood and Amale Andraos and is based in New York City. WORKac conflates several design disciplines, operating at the edge of each. In this outer-lying area, they re-invent the nexuses between architecture and "everything else." Their work is progressive and fresh, shaping the future of sustainable urbanism.

WORKac has been a part of many innovative projects; one that stands out, is their design of the Shenzhen Interchange. This is a massive skyscraper placed in a circulatory core of Southern China. WORKac wanted to celebrate the tower's position. Their approach was to "trace the diagonal line of the Metro Line #1 up through the building." In this way, "the subway can also be easily accessed directly through the main elevators of the tower, which also provides direct and convenient access for hotel guests and office workers to travel directly from the secure tower metro lobby to the upper floors."
This design also features sustainable practices: "green pockets are chiseled into the building, creating a natural counterpoint to the hard edges of the tower and providing a striking visual confirmation of the building’s commitment to the new ecological urbanism." Additionally, the building uses a cyclical hydrological system and roof-mounted solar panels.

It is a brilliantly designed structure.

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