Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spotlight: NEA Studio - "Latitude Lamps"

Living Lamp 1 is the first prototype in the Living Lamp Series. It is an art/solar lamp made in Brooklyn NY from local recycled corten steel. By adjusting the tilt of the solar panel, the lamp can be fabricated in any geographic location, applied indoors or outdoors, assembled in various ways into screens, or blown up to inhabitable scale. The aim of the project is to explore the perception of sunlight filtered through solar cells.
Latitude Lamp 1, is the first working prototype in a series called Latitude Lamps. Two interlocking cubes forms the basic design module. A solar lamp consists of one module. Many modules can be assembled in a variety of ways into screens of different types.

Living Lamp 1 is designed around the material characteristics required by the specified amorphous thin-film solar panel as a starting point. The lamp is dimensioned to frame the solar panel (15x15cm) and accompanying batteries, wires and LED lights.

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