Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spotlight: MMW - "Fhiltex-x"

Location: where ever wanted
Fhiltex is a simple and functional house which can adapt to any terrain. Two 20` and 40` standard steel containers, are transformed into a 62m² house lifted above the ground on four steel legs. The house contains everything needed for a modern life: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room and wardrobe. It is self-sufficient in terms of energy by use of gas and solar panels, as well as having a water recycling mechanism.
A 16m² roof terrace, 3 balconies and a 21m² roof rack gives a 360 degree view and sun throughout the day. This can also be used for storing equipment such as water tanks and gas containers. The house is wrapped in an insulating cloak. All parts can be dismounted, transported as two containers and re – erected at a new location. When closed the Fhiltex appears as any ordinary steel containers, and may be shipped by boat, train or car anywhere in the world. The only attachment to the ground is four plain foundations for the columns. The stairs are hinged to adapt to any type of terrain.

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