Monday, September 3, 2012

Spotlight: BLOOM - "The Game"

BLOOM is an urban toy, a distributed social game and collective “gardening” experience that seeks the engagement of people in order to construct fuzzy BLOOM formations. A massive population of cells is introduced through the main “portal” of the game constructed by designers. The collective act of coming to one place and building something becomes a shared memory for each person attending. None of the pieces can do anything on its own, only by putting together thousands of them is when the game and the BLOOM garden emerge. The energy for BLOOM construction is sourced from people’s interactions. It becomes impossible to forecast what you can do with such game! BLOOM cells are all equal, but by recombining their 3 connections, infinity of different formations can emerge. You can try to intuitively assemble a chair or a bench, or construct a canopy. Due to the flexibility and resilience of the building cells, the ‘rules’ of the game can be bent; you can twist them to find different shapes and discover new configurations! Like in the clouds, you can read the shapes in BLOOM formations… is it a swan, a rabbit, a space ship??

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