Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spotlight: BIG - "Amagerforbrænding Waste-to-Energy Ski Resort"

The new Amagerforbrænding Waste-to-Energy plant is an innovative model in the fields of waste management and energy production. It will be complete in 2016, just three kilomet
res from downtown Copenhagen. It will be the single largest facility of its kind in Denmark, costing 500 million Euros.

This remarkable plant seeks to change the way waste management and energy production is understood. Rather than hiding drab industrial processes, the plant hopes to re-connect the Danes to the issues behind waste management. The architectural concept by the Danish firm BIG, will convert the plant into an artificial landscape, drawing the people of Copenhagen in. The public roof of the new Amagerforbraending will be a 31.000 m2 park, and include a snow slope for skiers of all levels.

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