Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Snohetta Transforms Times Square

Snøhetta is an international architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design office based in Oslo, Norway and New York City. Snohetta's current project is the $55 million transformation of Times Square, between Broadway and 7th Avenue, and 42nd and 47th street. 

The transformation comes with THREE pragmatic/aesthetic alterations: 

Surface Material:
Snohetta plans to "create an uninterrupted and cohesive surface, reinforcing the square’s iconic role as an outdoor stage for entertainment, culture and urban life." The new surface is a "two-toned custom pavers embedded with nickel-sized steel disks."
Benches are the infrastructural spine for events that act as magnets, orienting visitors around the defined pedestrian zones. "Pre-cast concrete pavers and granite benches will replace the temporary street paint, chairs and tables originally put in place by the NYC Department of Transportation."  
Pedestrian Space:
The design calls for "vehicle-laden streets" to be transformed into "pedestrian-only public spaces." Snohetta hopes this will increase bipedal users, while concordantly bringing the public into nearby stores and venues.  

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