Friday, October 12, 2012

Spotlight: Specht Harpman - "zeroHouse"

zeroHouse is completely self-sufficient and incredibly comfortable.
The zeroHouse is a small, prefabricated house that can easily be shipped and quickly erected. It features a full kitchen, bath, and all elements necessary to comfortably support four adults. What sets the zeroHouse apart from other prefabricated structures on the market, however, is its ability to operate independently, without the need for any external utility or waste disposal connections.

The zeroHouse can be used in many applications, including residential uses in remote or ecologically sensitive locations, as ecotourism resort units, or as living or office modules for remote employment such as mining, construction, or relief agency uses.
zeroHouse generates its own electrical power.

High-efficiency solar panels produce power and store it in an onboard bank of batteries. Fully charged, zeroHouse can operate continuously for up to one week with no sunlight at all.

zeroHouse collects its own water.

A rainwater collection plane gathers and diverts water into an elevated 2700 gallon cistern. All plumbing fixtures are gravity-fed, eliminating the need for power-consuming pumps.

zeroHouse processes its own waste products.

All organic waste is processed in a digester unit located beneath the house. It converts the waste into clean, dry compost that needs to be removed only twice a year.

zeroHouse is completely automatic.

All functions of the house are monitored by an array of sensors and regulated by a “house brain” that can be controlled through any laptop computer. zeroHouse is fully customizable for personal usage patterns, from the weekend getaway to extended-stay living.

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