Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spotlight: David Kohn - "Cloud Pavilion"

Cloud Pavilion is a 2011 shortlisted competition entry for a park hub building and landscape commissioned by the Olympic Park Legacy Company (London, UK).

David Kohn Architects' proposal, Cloud Pavilion, was inspired by the history of Olympic Park. If travelling eastwards out of central London, the Lea Valley is one's first encounter with an abundance of uninterrupted sky. In 1802, amateur meteorologist Luke Howard was similarly taken by the Valley's skies and invented cloud classifications whilst out walking - cumulus, cirrus and stratus.

David Kohn Architects proposed three different landscapes of cloud-like landforms and a cloud-like pavilion floating above. Underneath the billowing roof would be a series of generous rooms, each with its own distinct character, that would house the various required programmes. Organised like a Palladian villa, each room addressed a different orientation and could be used independently or in tandem with other spaces. These included a small auditorium, a multi-purpose hall, a café and a winter garden housing a prayer room.

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